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What type of school for expat’s children in France ?

Being expat when you have children always brings on the table the question of the choice of the type of schooling. If you are relocated to France, you will see that there are few different options to answer this question.


In France, and especially in Paris area, we notice 4 different types of schooling.

First of all, there are the international schools which provide classes only in the language of the school. They usually are private schools and are chosen by people who are not staying a long time or who wants their kids to learn the same program than in their home country.

Then, we have bilinguals schools which provide a balance between French and native language. Most of the subjects are taught in French but some can be taught in the chosen language.

These schools aim at a better and faster integration of children.

If you choose this kind of school, it is important to verify that the diploma deliver to your child will be valid in your home country.

There also are French schools with international sections. They follow the French program and some of the subjects are taught in a foreign language. Most of these schools are free and deliver an international diploma.

Finally, you have the French schools with some classes called CLIN. They are specialized in the integration of foreign pupils. They provide intensive French lessons and aim at a rapid integration in the French school system. They are free and exist in most schools in Paris and suburb.

WARNING ! They have a limited number of seats and the application dates start usually in February.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information, we can provide you with a list of schools and contact.

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