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Which city is the most expensive in the world for expatriates?

logement ville plus chere du monde

The most expensive city in the world in 2013 is an African one. Indeed, Luanda, capital of Angola, is very expensive for expatriates because merchandises imported in the country are costly and the research of secured housing is difficult and expensive. (Source: Barb Marder, Senior Partner and Mercer’s Global Mobility Practice Leader). Besides, some other African cities have also a high place in the rankings.

Moscow is the second city just after Luanda. The price of imported merchandises and of quality rental accommodation, explains the place of this city in the rankings. A furnished flat with 2 bedrooms costs $4,600 per month in Moscow.

Then we can find Tokyo, Ndjamena (Chad), Singapore and Hong Kong in the rankings of the cities in which the rents are the most expensive. These high prices can be explained by the inflation of goods and services costs which make the cost of living more expensive.

European cities are also in the rankings and they are all situated in the same country: Switzerland. Geneva, Zurich and Berne are the 7th, the 8th and the 9th most expensive cities for expatriates because of the strong currency of the country, despite the decrease of the rental housing costs.

Sydney is the 10th city of the rankings with rents of $5.163 for a 3 bedrooms house.

New York is not in the 10 first cities of the rankings but is the most expensive city in the United States, and the reference city of the rankings.


Source : Le Nouvel Observateur, 08/2/2013

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