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French expatriates feel better in their receiving country

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According to an enquiry about expatriation 2013 of « La Maison des Français de l’étranger » done with about 9000 French expatriates around the world, the French population established abroad has developed to an average annual growth rate stabilized between 3% and 4% these last years.


More than half of them say that quality of life is higher in their receiving country.

About 50% think that the social climate and the conviviality are better abroad. More than 40% reckon that the taxation is much more favorable in the other countries.

Concerning transports, healthcare and culture, France leads the way for more than the half of expatriates who were questioned.

According to the enquiry, the majority of French expatriates hesitate to come back to their home country at the end of their expatriation. About half of French expatriates say that they don’t know if they will definitively come back to France or not, one-third thinks that they will come back more or less in the long term and only 20% will not come back in France. It is explained in the enquiry that expatriates living for the longest abroad, are those who don’t want to come back to France.

Most difficult things in a foreign country are the administrative formalities and being away from relatives and friends. On the other hand, French expatriates have no difficulties in finding jobs or schools for their children. The housing research is also quite easy for them in receiving countries.

The enquiry also showed that:

_        Western Europe is the 1st place to go for expatriates, followed by French speaking Africa and Asia-Oceania

_        More than half of expatriates already had a 1st expatriation experience in another country

_        57% of French expatriates declare that they earn more than 30.000€ net per month.



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