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Academic orientation, an essential question for the children of expats

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Annie Daburon léger

In co-operation with a specialized consultant, MMC offers a new service of assistance for the academic orientation of the children of expats or locals on return from an expatriation.

These children can encounter difficulty when faced with choosing their academic orientation: often they hesitate between several courses or else they have no precise idea of the path they wish to follow.

Moreover, the French educational system changes constantly, and expats living outside of France are not always well informed. This does not help when making a choice for further education, or when coming back to France after an expatriation.

In any case it is possible to assist these children; when following an orientation plan, they get to know themselves better, are able to identify their real desire for their future lives as adults, they discover studies and jobs that match their personalities, and therefore they develop a strong motivation for their studies.

Our methodology lies on a personal interview, with several concrete tests related to a job database.

It emphasizes different possibilities for the children and encourages them to get more involved in their studies.

For all children, whether they live in France or abroad, interviews are conducted via a videoconference (or a shared computer software).

This methodology is especially adapted to expat children as it takes into account the specificity of their schooling environment and the wealth of their international culture, with tools and tests designed for candidate interviews at a distance.

In this way, schooling is no longer endured, but positively organized around the studies and the future job chosen by the child.

Our consultant in academic orientation has been a certified coach since 2011 and is specialized in the care of expat’s children.

She has more than 20 years experience in various different companies and with the APEC (an association which assists new graduates and executives with their choice of a career).

We are at your disposal to give you all the information you may require about this new service.

For when children are radiant in their schooling, their parents, your colleagues are even more so in their daily jobs.

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