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Which French phone provider offers the best quality of service?

Jul 29, 16 • France, TrendsRead More »


Phone providers are waging a real price war : special price offers, loyalty benefits and multi pack reductions…

It becomes increasingly difficult to objectively compare their value based only on their price and the content of their offers.

What about the quality of their services and of their network coverage?

In order to effectively measure these two criteria, the ARCEP, the French authority for the regulation of electronic communications and post, conducted nearly 600 000 measurements to assess the 4 main French phone providers: Bouygues Telecom , SFR, Orange and Free.

Quality of phone calls and downloading capabilities were evaluated in different areas: urban, intermediate and rural, as well as in various means of transports: by car on the highway, on the train and metro.

Following those tests, the results shows Orange being the best phone provider on both the quality of calls and the network coverage: 99% of calls held with crystal clear quality in urban areas and 97% of Web pages are downloaded in less 10 seconds. SFR and Bouygues Telecom are not far behind in terms of global service quality. Free comes in last place, mainly because of its very limited web navigation.

Notably, although the 4G coverage and call quality have increased, large disparities persist in different geographical areas. Orange offers a downloading speed of 48MB / s in urban areas but it falls to 9Mb / s in rural areas. The situation stays the same for the different transports. 89% of calls connect on the motorway against 63% in the subway with Bouygues Telecom.

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