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Expatriation to get the ideal job : a controversial idea

Randstadt Wormonitor’s latest study, released in January 2016, reveals that French people are quite unadventurous when it comes to leaving France in order to boost their careers.

Expatriation to get the ideal job

Only half of the thousand respondents, workers aged between 18 and 65, asserts that they feel ready to leave France for the desired job abroad. The established French social rights seem to weigh heavily in their decisions.

Despite this stated reluctance to expatriation, the number of French expatriates keeps rising: they were 1.7 million in 2015 with a 2 percent increase compared with the previous year, according to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The French rate is relatively low compared with the Indian, Mexican or Turkish ones, where about 80 percent of the respondents would be ready to take the plunge and move abroad for a better professional life. Nonetheless, it remains higher than the ones of their German, Belgian or Luxembourgish neighbors.

Hardly hit by the economic crisis, Italian, Greek and Spanish respondents are more disposed to leave their home country to settle in places where chances of being hired are higher.

Interesting fact:

If Singapore was ranked first as the best country to live in by expatriates (see our previous article The view of expatriates on their host country), a significant part of the natives  (70%)  asserts they would be ready to move abroad to find their dream job.

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