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Apps that make your expatriation easier

Let’s face it; we are in 21th Century and technology has changed our way to communicate, to work to travel. Few people nowadays call a cab or look at a map as we can easily find our way using the internet.

One of the inventions of the new ERA is the “app” or mobile application. This type of software allows us to have access to different services in a simple and fast way. It is literally having the whole world in our finger tips.




The revolution of the apps has reached the expatriation process. These new inventions do not only help you but also the team that is working in your relocation. A tool that I just recently discover is an app called “Doc scan”. As soon as you download it you can scan documents using your phone! Believe me, it is not the same as taking a picture, the quality is highly superior. This means that you can send all the needed paper work quickly and in a “readable manner”.

Let’s get back to our “map” application. Even for Parisians it is not easy to know which bus they should take or what is the cheapest way to arrive to their destination. I start using the app “Citymapper” as it not only indicate what type of transportation I should use to save more time, it also has an alarm that makes my phone vibrate one stop before I should get off. For sleepy people like me it is very helpful.

There is no secret that wine is sacred for French people and you do not need to be a wine savvy to be part of the experience. An application called “wine advisor” will be very useful to choose a good bottle of wine for your new colleague or you could have further information about the wine you just tasted in the bistro. You just have to scan the label of the bottle and you will be able to comment and share with others your passion for this drink. You can even buy it through the app if you want.

I am sure that you have walked five blocks to find a grocery store and then you become very angry when on your way back you realize you have one just in front of your building. For people like you and me it exist the app “Mydistrikt” in which you can track the shops and important places that are around you. You can also read the comments and recommendations of previous customers. Sometimes you do not have a lot of time for exploring and you need to get straight to the point, this app helps you to find your way in your new neighborhood!

The world is changing and we have to adapt ourselves to those changes; use the advantages that technology offers in our favor. Besides, if an expatriate move to one country to another it should be fair that he could bring the world with him in his pocket, don’t you think?